A Diverse Family



We are deeply committed to building a church family that reflects what the kingdom of God looks like. The bible says that one day in heaven God's family will be made up of "every tribe and language and people and nation." Rev 5:9. We believe the local church should and can reflect this. Despite being located in a majority white neighbourhood we are keen for Christians, as well as those asking questions about faith, from every nation to be able to find a home in the River City Family.

No matter what nation or ethnic background you are from, you will recieve a warm welcome and be loved at River City. We are keen to ensure that people are released in their God-given giftings, including holding positions of leadership, no matter their nationality or ethnicity.

We currently have people representing the following nations amongst us: Ireland, Latvia, Ghana, Malaysia, Holland, Rwanda ..... as well as many people from a mixed heritage background. We love this diversity and are praying that God will send more nations amongst us. We love everything about other cultures and would love to sample your food, listen to your native-tongue worship and prayer and will endeavor to learn from you. We are an imperfect bunch of people and may make unintentional mistakes. We welcome feedback of any kind about how we can grow in embracing those from different cultural backgrounds to ours.

We have asked a few people from a diversity of backgrounds to let you know what their experience of the River City family has been:


Anna - Latvia
River City Church is FAMILY! This is particularly special for me because my own family lives in another country and where many of us may have relatives step in to help, I did not. In River City Church, I have found family for a lifetime - people, who love, encourage, support and challenge one another to be more like Jesus, regardless of our background. After all, kingdom of God is one of diversity!


Kojo and Patience - Ghana
We feel as if God dropped us right in the middle of a family filled with so much love, care and compassion than we ever thought. Every single one of you have shown us such a love that could only come from God. Today we feel privileged to answer "Yes" to the frequent question "do you have any family here? Because we do indeed have a family in Christ, and that is everyone of you.

Abigail Flavell, 26/06/2020