River City Church Host a site of the main Trussell Trust Foodbank in town.
We call this site 'Hull Food Bank: East'.


Our site of foodbank opens: Tuesdays 1-4pm
Venue: The Well, The Mount Retail Park, Hull, HU9 2BN (old library)
View map here

Why a foodbank in East Hull?
We know how hard it is for some families and individuals to make ends meet. It is hard enough to put food on the table let alone have money for bus fair to collect a food parcel. We understand it can be difficult to get into town if you live in East Hull and so this is what motivated us to partner with Hull Foodbank to bring its services to the East of the City. Our foodbank works using a voucher referral system. Find out more about how we work at the links below.

Hull Foodbank Website
View further info on opening times of Hull Foodbank across the city