Our Story



In 2006 the Newfrontiers family of churches decided to start ('plant') a new church in the city of Hull. This church was called Jubilee Church Hull and began with a team of just 13 adults. Over the following 10 years the church grew and established itself as a large city-centre based church. For more information on Jubilee please click here.

In early 2015 the leaders of Jubilee felt that God was asking them to plant a new church, and so they gathered the church and began to pray about where this church should be. God spoke very clearly to them that the church plant should be in the east of the city. For more detail on what God said and how, please visit our blog and read the "How God Speaks" posts.


By the summer of 2015 John and Abi Flavell knew that they were being asked by God to lead the new church plant, and having  received a clear vision for the church, chose to name it "River City Church Hull". They then spent the next 12 months recruiting a team, with many of that team again hearing from God in some incredible ways, and preparing to lead them into the east of Hull. By July 2016 a team of 25 adults and 8 children were committed to River City and at the end of the month left Jubilee Church Hull.


In September 2016 we started our Sunday morning meetings at the Club House Community Centre in the Garden Village area of east Hull. We have already seen new people join the church and choose to follow Jesus, which is so exciting! Maybe you too could become part of the incredible story of what God is doing in our wonderful city?