Who Is Jesus?


Jesus really is at the centre of all that it means to be a Christian. He himself said that there was no other way in which to have a relationship with God but by going through Him. And so we believe that it is crucial that we know and understand who Jesus really was in order that we might know who God is, and how he would want us to live as individuals and as a church community. He is, in effect, a doorway through which you have to go in order to understand who we are and what we do as his followers.

The truth is, it is almost impossible to summarise who the person of Jesus is and what he has done for us, or what a life following him is like. This is why we would invite you to come and see for yourself the difference that Jesus has made to our lives and how that shapes the way we live together. Coming on our Start Course would be a great way for you to do that, so please come along with any questions you might have about Jesus and what he means to us.

What we believe as Christians shapes everything we do, and so we know it's important for you to be able to explore what we believe in order to see how it motivates what we do as a church. Most of the beliefs we hold as a church are shared with many other churches across the world. We are part of the Evangelical Alliance, and you can find a statement of their beliefs here. At the centre of all of these beliefs is our conviction about who the person of Jesus is, and so we encourage you to investigate who he is for yourself.