Our Church Vision and Culture



We are a church that is committed to both the Receiving and Giving of Life!

Between early 2015 and mid-2016 the leaders of River City Church felt that God was giving us a clear vision of who we were to be as a church in the East of Hull. This was based on a few key passages from the Bible, which were Ezekiel 47:1-12, Isaiah 55:1-5 and John 7:37-38. Here is a brief explanation of those passages:

In the Bible a man called Ezekiel, a man the Bible describes as a Prophet - someone who God chose to speak through to his people, received a vision of a River flowing out from the Temple of God and into a barren desert wilderness. Wherever this River flowed life sprang up and thrived, it even changed a salty sea into a fresh one where life could live. In the book of Isaiah, another prophet's writings, he talks about the invitation God gives to anyone who is spiritually hungry and thirsty to come and enjoy a great feast that he has provided for us. Later, in the gospel of John, Jesus says to those listening to him that if anyone would believe in him and follow him, then "Streams of Living Water" would flow out of their inner most being.

When we put all of this together, it reveals to us that God has placed within us a deep, personal longing for a full and meaningful life that cannot be met by any other source than Him. If we hope to find any satisfaction and contentment in this life then we must come to Jesus and receive from him the life that only he can provide, a life that is abundantly full of goodness and peace and joy. Once we have done this, Jesus' promise to us is that the life we have received will then flow out of us into the lives of those around us.

This has led us to a simple and clear vision for the church. We want to be a community of people who are hungry and thirsty to Receive Life, and life in all it's fullness, from encountering Jesus and trusting in him as our only source, and who are excited to go out and Give Life to everyone that we meet and the communities that we live in.

As we seek to live out this vision we believe we need to embody certain values, building a Church Culture that is:

Hungry and Thirsty for God
Prioritise our relationship with God above all else, drawing on Him as our source, depending on Him in prayer.

Loving to all people
Uniting people from diverse cultures, welcoming and accepting everyone, bringing people into family.

Bringing out the best in one another, seeing and speaking God's verdict over people's lives.

Sharing our stories, being open and honest about our weaknesses and struggles.

Refusing cynicism and believing the best.

Raising one another up, never allowing people's faces to be covered in shame.

Growing as disciples of Jesus who make more disciples.

Great at Celebrating!

Saying quietly radical Yes' to Jesus